Newborn sessions are extremely popular with parents who want to capture their children during what feels like the most fleeting moment of their lives. Booking a professional photographer ensures that you get high quality images of your baby that you will look back on for their entire lives.


Newborn photo shoots are an investment in memories. They make for incredible baby announcement cards and are an integral piece of every family photo album.


Here are my seven top tips to keep in mind when booking your newborn session:


1) Book Early

This is the ideal window to get the shots of them when they are teeny-tiny. Most clients desire sessions when their baby is between 7 to 14 days old. Reaching out before your babe is born ensures we can schedule your session with your infant.


2) Not Sure About Timing? Reach Out!


Unlike other newborn photographers, I’m happy to book sessions even after the 7 to 14 day old mark. We’ll still be able to capture their newborn glow even if they are a bit older. If you still want pictures but are unsure if it’s too late, reach out. I’ve photographed babies as old as 12 weeks and we were still able to get some incredible shots.


I want to work with you to get you the incredible images you are after. 

3) Try to Feed Them Right Before The Session


A milk-drunk baby is nothing short of adorable. Feeding them before a session helps ensure that we get as much shooting time as possible. Of course, newborns are unpredictable and hungry so I’m always accommodating if a milk-break is needed mid-session.


4) Change Their Diaper Pre-Session


A messy diaper makes for a pretty miserable babe. Swap out their diaper pre-session to ensure they are comfortable before the picture taking begins. 

5) Dress them in zip-up Pajamas


Zip-up pajamas, like sleep sacks, are great for newborn sessions because they keep your baby warm and cozy and don’t disturb them like unwrapping a swaddled blanket will. If you want those lovely shots of them snoozing and don’t want to risk waking them, this is the way to go.


Ensuring your newborn is comfortable throughout our session is my top priority.


6) Plan Outfits and Props Ahead of Time


During the planning phase we’ll chat about all these details. It’s best to dress them in solid, more neutral colors. These tend to make for peaceful, beautiful photos. While I have several props in the studio, if there is anything in particular you want to incorporate into your session, let me know during the planning phase so we can add it to your session.


7) Get Ready to Enjoy Some You-Time


I have captured more newborns than I can count. I am oh-so comfortable with photographing them. You are always encouraged to be near, but know that your baby is in good hands if you choose to read a book, respond to emails, or catch some Zs on the studio couch.



Use these tips when preparing for your newborn session at our New York studio to ensure your newborn is comfortable, warm, and happy.


Ready to book a session for your newborn?


Head to the contact page on my website and fill out the inquiry form to kick off the booking process. This is also where you can go to reach out to me directly to get additional questions answered.