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Welcome to Jennifer Reed Photography

Hey, I’m Jenn.

I’m a laid-back mom of three who loves photographing family milestones. I’m a big believer in family photos and in ensuring your children have incredible photos to look back on when they’re grown.

Let’s photograph your legacy. → Say hello

Most parents struggle to…

→ Get great pictures of their kids where they don’t have something stuck to them & aren’t squirming


→ Book with a photographer who doesn’t require a million micro-tasks out of them before the shoot even starts


→ Plan a shoot that is stress-free, fun, and seamless from start to finish



Six Perks of Working Together


  1. A decade of photography experience means I’m able to adapt to any situation.
  2. I know all the tricks for getting the perfect shot: whether it’s extra snacks, a favorite cartoon, or a silly toy.
  3. I’m patient and adaptable above all else. Kids are squirmy, silly, and impatient. I embrace all of this and know how to make the most of your photoshoot.
  4. I have a tub right in my studio so you can leave with a clean kiddo even after they destroy a birthday cake or devour some snacks.
  5. I help you plan the shoot from start to finish. If you need help with ordering a cake, choosing an outfit, or picking a color scheme, I’m here to assist.
  6. My shoots are designed to be extremely hands-off for you. Take a nap on the studio couch or catch up on a show. I’ll handle the rest. 

My values




We can plan all we want, but sometimes (okay…most of the time!) kids have their own agenda. I know every hack and have every trick up my sleeve to go with the flow and get the best photos, regardless of the mood your kiddo is in.




No one wants to work with a photographer who is going to be impatient with their kids. I pride myself in my patience because I know how much it means when that is extended to my kids.




Let’s have a good time together! Rolling with the punches, laughing, and leaning into the moment always make for the best photos.



The Studio


No need to location scout or worry about timing the shoot just right with all the wonderful and fast changing Buffalo weather (will it be 75 with sun tomorrow or 32 with the possibility of snow? who knows lol). My studio serves as the go-to spot for photos of you and your little ones. Located in Buffalo NY, a short drive from Buffalo State College.


Some studio perks:

●    Incredible lighting: No matter the time of day

●    Bath tub: Come with a clean kid, leave with a clean kid for all cake smash sessions

●    Cozy couch: Take a break from being a parent by kicking-back on the studio couch and enjoy some snacks!

●    Client closet: All shoots include access to our dress collection. Lots of styles and sizes available.

And if your heart is set on a beautiful outdoor location I'm more than happy to venture outdoors and enjoy the scenery with you and your family at many of the amazing locations in Buffalo and the surrounding Western New York areas.

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