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8 Reasons to Book a Professional Photoshoot for Your Child


As parents, we’ve all heard the saying “you blink and then suddenly they are grown.” As a mom of three, I can safely say this is the truth. When the years go by so fast, it’s so important to capture memories of your little ones.


They will never be this young again and the stages that they go through each hold their own personality, memories, and nuances.


We have control over the moments that we choose to capture and these memories are the start of their journey and important puzzle pieces in their legacy.


Set your child up with wonderful memories documented just for them.


Let’s explore the eight reasons why you should book a photoshoot for your little one



1) Document their personality in the stage that they’re in.


The phases that kids go through change like the seasons. As their personalities develop they’ll say and do all sorts of silly things that you’ll want to remember (and they’ll love to hear about them when they’re older.)


It never ceases to amaze me how their personalities come through in the photos. Their facial expressions, the toys they play with, and their mannerisms all shine through when you work with a professional photographer to capture these memories.


Whether they are squirmy and silly, serious and stoic, or sleepy and subdued, capturing them exactly as they are will be something that your entire family will treasure.


 2) Remember the fashion style from the time.


Do you ever look at old photographs of your parents and loved ones and feel shocked by their clothing? Fashion is constantly evolving and it’s a tell-tale sign of the time an image was taken. Capturing photos of your child when they are young allows them to look back as if it were a time capsule, freezing a moment in time.


I also find that when I look at old photographs, I remember how I felt about the clothing I was wearing. I’ll see a picture from school picture day and remember how excited I felt to wear my new sweater. The same will be true for your kids, making the ever evolving fashion landscape a fun reason to book a session.



3) Reminisce when they’re older.


Memory is a fickle thing. When you have professional images of your child, you have real-deal artifacts that show them exactly as they were. This becomes more important the younger your child is, because they won’t even remember their first years.


Ensure that your kiddos have incredible images to look back on so that one day they can go through a box of old photographs (or find a folder digitally) and feel excited to see who they were at the time.


4) Let the nostalgia kick in.

As a parent looking back on the photos of your kids in their younger years will surely make you feel a rush of nostalgia. Heighten this experience with photographs that pull on your heart strings and transport you back to the stage they are in now.


Memory preservation is a proactive thing. We must choose to document these moments now before it’s too late.


5) Incorporate into their own baby showers, weddings, and parties.


Breaking out the baby pictures is a fun, (sometimes embarrassing), and wonderful experience. Let’s ensure your kids have pictures to share at their future events so the world can see how they once were. Whether it’s a baby shower, wedding, or embarrassing them in front of their new date, these photos are a fun way to keep the memories alive.


6) Remember their relationship with their siblings


If you have more than one child, bring them both to the studio for a family session. Seeing the way they tease, love, and interact with each other makes for great pictures that document their changing relationship at every stage. As parents, it’s common to want our kids to sit still, smile, and coordinate for the social-media worthy shot. I encourage families to embrace the mess and document their kids exactly as they are. No need to feel embarrassed…kids will be kids!


7) Great home decor for their future house (and your house now!)


You have enough fake plants from Target and your TJ Maxx obsession is starting to take over. Why not add family photos to the mix to really make your house feel like a home? This is a fun conversation starter when guests come to your house, but it’s also a fun memento for your children to have later in life.


After sessions in my studio, we book an ordering appointment where you can choose your favorite images and have print products created. These serve as meaningful house decorations and wonderful gifts to keep ensure the gems we created during your shoot are permanent treasures.


8) Commemorate Milestones


Children won’t remember their first birthday or their preschool graduation. Bring them into the studio to document these milestones. It will feel particularly special for them to look back at the moment’s that they don’t remember because they were too young. Do them a favor and get these moments captured so that they can see their journey as it was just beginning.


One of our most popular offers is our Cake Smash Session. This is for kids who just turned one year old and want to enjoy their first birthday cake and all the messy, sweet joy it brings. Their personalities shine through so much during these sessions as they rip into the cake with reckless abandon or hesitate to dip their finger in the frosting. Regardless of the personality, these sessions are a great way to commemorate a milestone.


Whatever reason you have for booking a childhood photoshoot, I can ensure that your children will be grateful that you did. In a world of constant distractions and the chaos of childhood, taking a moment to let a pro capture these moments for you will be something you’ll be grateful you did.



Fully convinced a photoshoot is the next best move? Let’s dive into why you should hire a professional, instead of having a friend with a camera snap the pics for you.


Professionals have the right gear.


It’s one thing to have an iphone or a fancy DSLR and another thing entirely to know the ins and outs of how to use it. Pro photographers know their gear in depth and can get you exceptional photos as a result of our trained eye and advanced gear.


We know all the best hacks for moody kids.


As a mom of three, I completely understand that kids simply aren’t always in the mood for a photoshoot. Whether it’s cheering them up with a toy or snack or putting on their favorite cartoon, I have mastered the art of making the most out of any mood.


We have a knack for getting the lighting just right.


Lighting is a huge part of a great photo. The lighting in a pros studio can be adjusted to create the most flattering images.


We will plan it out so you don’t have to.


Need guidance on outfits? Not sure how the process works? I’ll walk you through it all from start to finish to make it much easier on you.


We’ll give you ideas you might not have thought of.


We know our craft deeply and will suggest poses and themes you might not have thought of. This allows you to relax and enjoy the shoot instead of feeling like you need to plan and execute it all on your own.



This is your nudge to freeze moments in time with a professional photoshoot of your children.


This is your invitation to join me in my studio in Buffalo, New York to capture memories, whatever they may be.


Your kids will be thankful that you did.